Ulrich, Uncontested Alpha

*I do not own the names of anyone or anything in the story. They are all property of Wizards of the Coast.

Ulrich walked out of his home to see his village, Avabrook, in a riot. It was obvious that there was a werewolf attack the night before, as the town members were recollecting who was defending their homes from it. He knew though, that he must have been one of them, as he did not hear his name ever mentioned around. He also could figure out that if no one else could recall his presence, he would be hanged as well as other people who weren’t there. This must mean that he was among the attackers, as a werewolf.

That day, he paid extra close attention to the others in the town, as there were more from the town who weren’t there to help though. Was this his pack? his brothers? his kind? While he had noticed that there was no proof that he was a werewolf, he felt something inside of him. Was it guilt? sorrow? loss? His house was torn in pieces, many of his possessions were ripped to shreds. He had good reason to believe that he was a werewolf, and attacked his home, but he knew what would happen to him if they found this. He would be hung. To escape this, he escaped the town and ran. Running quickly, breathing heavily, dodging trees, he charged through the forest right outside of the town, and could not stop, he would just keep running.

As the sun was setting, he turned around. Maddened, he wanted to live in the forest and hurt no one else, yet he could not outrun what he already was. He was a werewolf, and the alpha. This was shown to his human side, as lone wolves embraced by the rising moon gravitated towards him, knowing how by night, he was their alpha.


Ulrich, now embraced by the moon, knew who he truly was. He was a vicious predator seeking to feed. His pack was hungry too, and as the full moon was out for another night, his werewolf body dashed towards the village. He and his pack of wolves and werewolves slashed the town, feeding on them all. Their hunger, unfathomable. The town fought them, valiantly, but they were no match for the wolves. They all were slaughtered, as the wolves and werewolves did not want to be hungry any more.

That next morning, Ulrich woke up with the wolves and some other people near him. Startled, he asked them who they were. To that, they responded with “your pack.” He knew that they had to stick together, as a lone wolf would almost always be found by humans or would be prey for a larger beast. They decided to stick together, in the forest, where they could not hurt anyone, and they couldn’t be found by humans. They would be known as the Krallenhorde, and they would try to stay a peaceful group, and stay out of contact from people in any village.


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