Building A Kiln Fiend Pauper Deck

kiln20fiendA few weeks ago around the new year, I was looking through some older cards of mine hoping for an inspiration for a deck. That’s when I came across my old pair of Kiln Fiends that I had drafted in a Conspiracy: Take the Crown draft over the summer. I wanted to make them great and a spotlight of a deck. So I threw in cards that would make it bigger and unblockable. Confidently, I took it to my play group, and attempted to win with it.

Well, forgetting that four of any card isn’t enough to guarantee it pops up in a game, I  found a flaw in the early version of the deck. However, since Kiln Fiend’s conditional +3/+0 ability is so vital and necessary for the deck to win, I had no idea where to go with this deck. I thought for sure that I would have to scrap this deck. 7780ed720c18e7be343e587123966c71It was after my dedicated “last game of the deck” that I was given the suggestion to add in some Nivix Cyclops. After all, the cyclops has the exact same +3/+0 boost in the same circumstances. I also was advised to play a play set of dispel, and a playset of apostle’s blessing so that I could protect the one thing that could win me the game.

I tried it out, and the deck worked phenomenally. Each game I played after making the change, I was able to draw either the Cyclops or the Kiln Fiend. The once scrappy deck became a powerhouse, and it was able to beat some of my actually good decks that I had put a lot of effort into. As a result of all the effort that we had put into a weird deck idea, we had built a deck that has consistently held its own against real, non-pauper decks.

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To truly see what monster of a deck we had built, a couple of the friends who helped me build it came to cheer me on, as I participated at a random little tournament at my local game store. Although I did not win first, I was able to win fifth place, and a few booster packs. Although winning some games was fun, what was better was the experience building it. I had the support of all my friends (those who play Magic at least) as they told me some cards I should or should take out. Now I have a deck that wins a lot and that is also fun to play even when it doesn’t work.

In case you actually want to see this deck list, follow this link to my account where I posted the deck list, and also a little bit on how to play it. Thank you for reading my story about building a cool deck. Which deck would you like to see me cover sometime in the future? Your feedback would help me to produce the posts that you would like to see.